Corporate life coaching is vital to acquiring and retaining top talent. According to Forbes, 87% of millennials say lack of professional development is a deal-breaker for them – and if millennial turnover grows due to lack of engagement, the costs for company’s begin to add up in the hiring and training process! To achieve true corporate health, you must ensure your employees are healthy in every area of their lives… and it all starts with their minds.

Corporate Life Coaching Services (CLC Program):

We will customize training plans based on your organization’s needs, and you will be assigned a dedicated corporate life coach. We also offer on-site training and development workshops.


  • Executive Leadership Coaching & Development – Leadership begins with your ability to connect and direct, but it all depends on your mind. Improve your mindset, enhance your leadership skills and learn how to become an effective leader. Learn how to advance your career while increasing productivity.


We provide strategic Human Resources support in the following areas:


  • Employee Engagement Strategies – We believe that with the right engagement strategy you can boost employee retention, strengthen your employees work performance, and enhance morale! We will apply an innovative approach to executing a personalized engagement program that fit your needs!
  • Mergers & Acquisition Implementation Strategies – The HR department functions within an organization and can positively impact the success of a merger during critical times. Success is hinged upon HR leadership being involved in each part of the merger’s process, as they can greatly assist in cultivating a culture for triumph.
  • Change Management Program– Change is all around us, and it comes without any announcement. Employees will want transparency on this. We can incorporate a plan for best practices with all major organizational changes, such as: layoffs, restructure, mergers, closures and more.
  • Rebranding & Developing Culture – A great culture begins with your leadership team. We develop a plan that creates a culture that matches your company’s mission & vision. Our culture discovery program is designed to  identify strategic goals & values,  standardize key systems and processes, and implement a training program that drives performance.
  • Human Resources Strategic Development – If you don’t have a human resources team in place, we give you all the tools you need to have a fully functioning HR department. From creation and implementation of standard policies and procedures, to the institution of company benefit offerings and guidance with payroll implementation to name a few. Let us put it all together for you!
  • Health & Wellness Program Development: If you are seeking self-directed, lasting changes that align with your values and promote health and wellness, then this is the right step towards enhancing the well-being of your employees. Program development is our specialty. Your Healthy Reality customizes health & wellness programs that align with company mission and vision!
  • Training & Development Workshops: You can choose from a variety of workshops which can be delivered onsite or via webinars. Invite us to your company retreats, holiday activities, or health & wellness days to deliver key life coaching to your staff. Topics range from: “Leading with Authenticity”, “The Blueprint to YOUR Success”, “Managing like a Mentor”, “Conflict Resolution”, and much more!

Workshops can be customized based on organizational needs and goals.


What can Your Healthy Reality do for your organization?

Grow your business

Encourage potential

Develop positive morale

Improve work performance

Increase conversions and ROI

Reinforce personal satisfaction

Enhance leadership effectiveness

Strengthen employee retention and acquisition


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