Could it be you just know how to Function well in a Dysfunctional organization?


Teamwork is a term used by diverse organizations around the globe to define collaboration amongst their workers and management. While this may sound unbelievable, many organizations don’t even know what that word, “Teamwork”, means. So instead of collaborating to achieve a common goal; they function well in Dysfunction.

The greatest statement I have ever heard!

John Doe, is the CEO of the organization where I’m currently engaged as his Business Coach. I have been working with John and his employees for a while now; helping them get along and teaching them effective skills to foster teamwork and productivity in their organization. John is a kindred heart, with great leadership qualities. I love working with John, because he is straightforward and transparent among other things.

For the past five months, John and I have been working to create a unique and effective strategy for his business. John has come to realization that his current IT management company was no longer a good fit for the direction he was going in. Of course, it was time to break up with a long-term partner and this is never an easy conversation. As expected, the CEO of the IT company made one last attempt to save what was left of an unproductive relationship, by saying; “but we have been working so well together, what can we do to fix it”? You may want to hold on to your seat because John’s reply was beyond mind-blowing; it was epic!

John said; “we have not been working well together, we just know how to function well in your dysfunction”. Wow!

Are you just functioning well in dysfunction?

That statement sparked a light bulb in my mind. I realized in that moment, there are many companies still up and running, not because their people work well together, but because they know how to function well in dysfunction. Most companies face this issue without even realizing it, because they have cultivated effective skills that allow them to operate in dysfunction. Which begs the question; how do you tell the difference between functioning well in dysfunction and cohesively achieving your goals?

Being a business coach, I have come to discover that there are deficiencies everywhere, even in successful organizations. You may be prosperous as a company, and still, be deficient in creating dependable relationships with your clients. The question now is how do you address these deficiencies?

What is dysfunction?

Dysfunction is the inability of a system or person to function in an expected or complete manner. It may also refer to the improper or subpar behavior of a social group or organization. In this context, it refers to the inability of the stakeholders (managers, partners, and employees) of a company to cohesively work together towards a common objective. Dysfunction represents discords between two or more people that are working together against a common goal.

What does organizational dysfunction look and feel like?

Organizational dysfunction is analogous to bodily dysfunction. Just like a stomachache, organizational dysfunction upsets your business network; reduces productivity among employees; and may cause other issues for your company. Left unchecked, organizational dysfunction can paralyze your company’s growth and in worst-case scenarios, it can be the death of your company.

What must you do to fix it?

  • Make your mission and vision clear to the stakeholders of your company
  • Apply emotional intelligence tactics when onboarding and training your employees
  • Explain your strategy, don’t just assume everyone involved understand it
  • Build a cohesive team by always encouraging them to speak their truth
  • Carry everyone along – the power of unanimity
  • Gratification is key – appreciate everyone

Human groups are vulnerable to the same dynamics. Issues that impede small companies can also impede the growth and success of much larger organizations. To protect your organization from the risks of organizational dysfunction, feel free to contact me to assess if you are just functioning well in your dysfunction.

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