Episode 2: How Do You Love?

Love is the foundation of your very being.This episode will leave you thinking about how do you love, not just in an intimate relationship, but how do you give and receive love from everyone around you. Char also shares her “Char Energy Changer” tips, which are 6 simple steps that will change your energy from negative to positive. Together we will push through and move forward. You can email questions to yourhealthyreality@gmail.com

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Love is the foundation of you who you are in life but

You have a wall, A wall so high and so thick it is impossible for anyone to get over or through.

You have a wall because of something that happened in your past. Your wall can’t be broken because of what someone already did to you.

You take your past pains with you through every phase of your life.

Why do you let yesterday’s obstacles determine today’s mood.

You are in a position where you must build relationships in order to be successful Instead you’ve allowed your attitude to isolate you.


Nothing good ever happens to you, because your attitude is contagious.

You are walking around with negative energy and everyone can feel it. They can feel you. People are purposely staying away from you.


You must first fix you, your brand. Companies do it all the time. They change ownership, change their names, merge with a reputable company to gain a new identity and a better brand and soooo can you.

I need you to get a pen and write this down. What I am about to tell you will change your life for the better.

I call this CHAR ENERGY CHANGER, 6 simple ways to change your energy from negative to positive.

  1. Don’t let the worries of today dictate the success of tomorrow
  2. Wake up and declare great things are ahead today
  3. Believe it. Don’t just say it believe it
  4. Everyone you encounter, proclaim today is a great day.
  5. Smile at everyone you make eye contact with today.
  6. Program your mind to only think positive thoughts

Read this at least 3x before you leave the house in the morning. You must read this every day before you leave the house until it becomes a part of your routine.

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