Episode 6: I See All Things Beautiful

People are influenced by people. We look up to them, we learn from them, You are surrounded by people every day, whether you are at home with your family members, at work with co-workers, on the train,  watching TV, in school, Let’s face it, in order to be successful in life we have to learn how to deal with people. Listen and Learn how to see all things beautiful in the people in your life.


I once heard Oprah say, Accept people for where they are, and you won’t be disappointed. This resonated me with years later, because I now know what she meant. Everyone is not on the same level you are mentally. Your expectations causes them to fail you. You must learn the personalities of the people that you chose to be in your life and accept them for exactly where they are at this moment in their lives.

Remember, just like you they too are on journey of their own. A journey filled with experiences that may have steered them off their life’s purpose, cause them to act out a certain way, to not recognize who you are right now. Their path has led them to you, but now, you find yourself making decisions to let go of this friendship so you can continue to move forward while they continue to learn who they are.

You have taken them as far as their mind will allow them go. Don’t be disappointed.

T.D Jakes once said in his sermon, If it becomes too difficult then God is not in it. God wants to makes things easy for us. This quote has thought me to reassess my struggles.

I am now asking you to take everything you have learned from Episode 1-Episode 5, and use these tools to learn how to see all things beautiful in the people around you. Look into their eyes and feel their pain, understand the reason to their being. Don’t expect them to think like you, be like you, YOU are YOU. They are who they are. Practice your feel good moments as you gain a new state of mind.

Eventuallly, you will have a unique gift that will allow you be in good spirits all the days of your life. I can see beneath the smile there is grief. I feel the pain in a laughter. I know there is a root to every being, when someone reacts negatively to me, it’s not them, but a soul set on a unstable foundation. I see them for exactly who they are where they are and this gives me the power in the relationship to make it blossom and grow.

It’s go back to a simple saying, If they knew better they will do better. I believe this in every encounter that has disappointed me. I’m at peace with every negative outcome in my life. I know it’s all going to work out for my good. I know people do not meet by accident, it was meant to be.

Simple tricks to incorporate the mind cleanse process into your daily routine:

  1. Start your day with the Char energy changer routine
  2. Collect a feel good moment everyday, bottle them up as many as you can. Collect these moments for the rest of your life
  3. Always look for the glory in every bad circumstance. Once you search for the glory that is where you will find peace
  4. Just BREATHE… In and OUT IN and OUT. Just keep breathing.
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