Life Requires You To Make Intentional Choices: S2 Ep 7

Have you thought about how the world around you would change if you allowed your desires to come to life. Char teaches you how to use the universe to manifest the life that was intentional for you.

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Have you thought about how the world around you would change if you allowed your desires to come to life. Imagine yourself being good with everything. That’s called inner peace. Can you just see yourself in love with yourself and the person you have become, this is self-love.

By if you have listened to all the episodes you know how to create feel good moments, you have identified your desires and you know how to be intentional about your choices, your connections, and your thoughts.

So it’s time… It is time to release the outcome to the universe and allow the magnifying power of the world around you to go to work on your behalf.

Let life just flow as you continue on your journey,

BEWARE- of your peace of mind and hold a vision of happiness as you think about your desires being fulfilled

BE Optimistic- chose to learn from your experiences

Choose to see the gifts in every situation

Set daily intentions to multiply your belief system

Remember to be playful and light hearted about the process. It is an interesting process but well worth it.

It personally took me a while to really understand that it requires daily work on my part to finally get to a stage where I had inner peace, I saw everything beautiful, I loved everything about me, my flaws are my beauty marks of life. I feel like I am on the clouds just floating through life. It’s ok to Keep starting the process over and over until perfection is received. Go back and listen to the episodes as many times as possible until it clicks. It’s self maintenance time for you from here.

As for me, my heart is full, I have completed another wonderful season with my Life Warriors. I truly hope you have learned something this season and thank you for giving me more feel good moments to add to my memory bank.

I believe this season is a life changing season for you and do remember, YOU are in control, YOU own your thoughts, and there are no accidents in life. That thing that you allow to keep you up at night was meant to happen, so don’t give it power and just go to bed.

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