Episode 5: New State Of Mind

This is where you enter the battlefield with your mind. All those feel good moments, you will need to fight the battles ahead. You are about to begin the journey to your new state of mind. The mind cleansing process has reached the point where you are now ready to move forward in reprogramming your mind. You will learn how to deprogrammed your negative thoughts leaving you no choice but to think good in every obstacles. Gather your feel good moments, you will need them after this episode.



Your experiences makes you different. No two people has the same encounters in life. The ones that make it through are the ones that have made a decision to enjoy life no matter the obstacles, They understand how to take their current situation and turn it into a life changing moment.

If you are still living on this earth you have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. But the entry way to your destiny is blocked. Your vision is blurred.

You truly are your own enemy. We think people are fighting against us, but the reality is you are fighting against yourself.

Your mind have been programmed for years to be negative,

to react negatively, your mind is use to delivering bad news.

You must deprogram and reprogram your mind to see the good in everything, to accept obstacles as a positive part of your journey,

to feed you nothing but good thoughts.

I must warn you, When you’ve made a decision to learn from your mistakes and start snuggling with your feel good moments, your mind will go into attack mode

How strong is YOUR FAITH?

They will attack but faith keeps you focused

Your mind will go into overdrive trying to win you back, but don’t let it win.

Your thoughts will creep in, they will show up more rapidly, they will get sooo desperate, they will blast more negative thoughts to overpower your feel good thoughts.

You must remember your feel good moments. This is when you will need your  feel good moments, Every day you must collect more. This is your source of power. You will need them to fight.

When the negative thoughts arrive, YOU must always have an answer. You cannot be afraid to talk to yourself. Shout back at your thoughts, tell them they are lying, they don’t exist.

BE aware, recognize your negative thoughts

Dismiss them immediately.

Run to your sacred place

Think feel good thoughts

Dismiss, run, think, breathe

Remember, anxiety and fear exists when your desires don’t align up with your beliefs.

Every day Every day, you must collect feel good moments. It is important that you understand,

You will need feel good moments to get through the rest of your life. Build an army of Feel Good moments.

Four simple things to do each day when fear, anxiety, and doubt start to take control of your thoughts:

  1. Place your hand on your heart, listen to your heart beat and breathe deeply in and out in and out
  2. Take your mind to that sacred place and remember your feel good moments
  3. Dismiss thoughts negative thoughts, remind yourself it’s the fear of not having my desires, I can and will have my desires.
  4. Now believe you can have it. See yourself having your desires and smile.

I know you are about to become alive. I am beaming with hope and smiling with faith for what is about to happen to you, this will change your life forever. You are about to start creating your dash. Your lifeline.

You have been found.

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