Self-Love Is Your Ultimate Guide To Living Your Best Life: S2 Ep 4

Self love is the key to attracting your desires. If you have lived long enough on this earth, you now know that Living is the workout of a lifetime. We have all been tried in places we didn’t know exist. In this episode, Char takes you on a journey to finding self love. .

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If you have lived long enough on this earth, you now know that Living is the workout of a lifetime. We have all been tried in places we didn’t know exist. Tempted in places where we thought we had under control.  Frustrated in places we didn’t even know we could be frustrated in.

And BREAKING NEWS, your life is not over yet. You haven’t even seen everything you needed to see to get to the next level.

After living about 35 years on this earth with a world wind of heartbreaks, disappointments, and failures, my inner voice finally sent me a message that would change my life!

She said “How do you expect anyone to love you, if you don’t love yourself”.

I was confused, because I’ve always thought I loved myself. I mean, I would take me to best parties and spend lots of money on me, buy the most expensive shoes for my feet, and drown my body in designer garments. Isn’t this self love, doing what I want, when I wanted to?

Clearly I had no idea, what loving me really meant. The inner voice showed up again and said:

“Silly girl, Do you love yourself enough to seek happiness? Do you love others like you would want to be loved? Do you only love when you are in a good mood? Do you allow others to love the real you, not just the perception of you? How do you expect anyone to love you, if they don’t know you?”

This started to make sense, but not completely. What did she mean by “love myself enough to seek happiness?” Then she said one final thing to me, that took me on a journey of self-love and eventually led me to start this podcast in hopes to allow you to experience the joy of finding inner peace which will eventually lead to a happy life.

She said, “Until you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will never be able to attract the life you desire”.

Wow! Even more confusing, right? Not to worry, Five years later I can proclaim, I have completed this journey, currently loving myself and living my best life.

It is your duty remove negativity and drama from your life. No one else has the power to do that but you.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Never speak bad about yourself. Only release positive things in the atmosphere about you
  2. Reframe your negative thoughts to positive.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t make you feel good.
  4. Let things go that are out of your control- this causes serious anxiety.
  5. TRUST your instincts. Your inner voice.
  6. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it.
  7. Only aim to please yourself- do things everyday that brings a smile to your face


I pray you will put into practice these simple self-love routines every day. It is guaranteed to transform your life for the better

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