Episode 1: What do you want?

We all want something out of life, we all have dreams, we see ourself somewhere doing something, WHAT IS IT? This episode starts the process of identifying our dreams and goals. You will learn how to find what truly makes you happy. Let’s begin this journey together. To share your testimony or ask Char a question, please email yourhealthyreality@gmail.com.

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What can life give you right now that will make you happy? Do you even know what you want? We all want something, we all dream of a life we are not currently living. So I ask you, what you want. If you are not sure, let me help you.

​There’s a flame burning deep down inside of you, the passion rages as you picture yourself in that dream. What is it, where are you.

You tell yourself, it’s too far out of your reach. Your inner self has convinced you , you can’t have it. You are convinced you will never get there.


​You still want it. You secretly yearn for it. You are damaged. You are damaged because someone has planted there fears inside of you and now it grows. It grows throughout life the roots get deeper and now you are stuck. Stuck in that very place that you thought you would you never wanted to be. Your life is a classroom You are given experiences to shape you, to move you. But you can’t see it. Instead you allow your experiences to cripple you. Your growth process is on hold.

Your life is a classroom. Everything you are going through right now in this moment is meant to be your learning process. Your curriculum was custom made for you.

Seriously think about what you want. What you really want. What you gave up on. Write it all down, your past and present goals.  And I want you to sign the bottom of this list

“These dreams are still alive and I will make it happen.

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