You Won’t Believe How These 4 Simple Tips Can Change Your Life

4 Steps to Deep Cleanse

Do you often feel at peace? Is your heart full of joy and free of pain or worries? If no, you are one of us – people who are working hard to lead a peaceful life. When we can’t get that life, we end up agonizing our souls and settling for a life without inner peace.

Most of our problems start in the mind because there is too much clutter in our minds. We are eagerly waiting for the non-stop notifications on our smart devices i.e. Fear of Missing Out. The hustle and bustle of modern life have made us lose touch with our natural way of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way because there is a way to get inner peace.

The solution isn’t as simple as “acting tough” or “getting over it”. For instance, when we hear bad news, the mind goes to work – it analyses a story and interprets it in such a way that causes emotional pain.

Last week, we lost a gem, Kobe Bryant and within a few hours, my newsfeed was full of posts from people that experienced heartache due to Kobe’s passing. This is pretty much how the human mind works – we have basic emotions used by our mind to react to internal and external events.

Some hours later, I saw the post from a man who claimed that insincere people were simply following the trend and milking Kobe’s incident for content. He simply didn’t get how people could mourn a person that they had never met or interacted with.

His remarks might seem weird or horrific to you but that’s another way that the human mind works. He might be a person that prefers mourning alone and in private. There is nothing wrong with that. However, he shouldn’t have imposed his personal view about mourning on others.

While thinking about all this, my mind was busy and buzzing. Whether we admit it or not, the info that we come in contact with consumes our inner space and impacts our emotions and yearnings. And before we know it, life is rushing past us while we are wasting our limited time on things that are not important. Then, we start to wonder where did it go? Why do I feel incomplete and unfulfilled?

If you are alive and reading this, you are lucky to have woken up today. It is time to focus and take charge of your life.

4 Steps to Deep Cleanse your Mind

Before you start, you need to find inner silence. You can do this by doing visualization exercises, meditating, etc. The goal is to cleanse your inner space and remove unnecessary thoughts that have no positive impact on your well-being.

Here are the 4 steps to cleanse your mind:

  1. Be honest with your words. Whenever you say anything, make sure that you are saying the truth. You don’t have to be mean or harsh when doing this, just be firm and compassionate. Most people tend to say things and make empty promises to make others feel good. The so-called “little lies” are bad for the mind because they gradually become guilty conscience.
  2. Stop gossiping. We are quick to see flaws in others and then discuss those flaws with our close allies. After having such conversations, we don’t accomplish anything positive. Gossips promote drama and spread negative energy. Then, it causes inner conflict and robs us of our inner peace.
  3. Don’t blame yourself. Everyone has inner chatter. Since people cannot hear our thoughts, we are often too harsh on ourselves. When things go wrong, self-blame creeps in as we start to criticize our mistakes. When you start to hear “I am not good enough” or “I fail at everything”, recognize that isn’t you. Clean your inner space by killing those negative thoughts.
  4. Say only useful or kind words. How do you often feel around a person that talks a lot? Exhausted, right? That’s because there is often a low number of useful things in useless chatter. Be more conscious of what you say.

You won’t notice much difference by following these steps for a day. You need to search for inner peace consistently. So, you can go from clutter and noise to silence and inner peace.

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