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Episode 6: I See All Things Beautiful

People are influenced by people. We look up to them, we learn from them, You are surrounded by people every day, whether you are at home with your family members, at work with co-workers, on...
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Episode 5: New State Of Mind

This is where you enter the battlefield with your mind. All those feel good moments, you will need to fight the battles ahead. You are about to begin the journey to your new state of...
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  • I marvel at the journey you’ve taken for yourself, both the highs and the lows that have made your spirit stronger and your heart wiser. I admire the person you’ve become independent and capable, a woman who inspires others.

    Love Always, Mom
  • Thank you for reminding me that life is a journey and that I am an overcomer. You’ve awakened the spirit of hope in me by helping me to be honest with myself about what I really want in life, while at the same time accepting where I am by setting new goals to achieve my dreams. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

    Antonia Christian, President of Little Bird HR, New York, NY​
  • Listening to Your Healthy Reality really makes me feel like I have my very own personal life coach. Char gives me the motivation I need to follow my dreams, be a good leader, and live a well balanced life.

    Stephanie Cruz, Director of Talent Acquisition, Miami, FL
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